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Chat with your suppliers,

send orders in one click and track your past orders.

Chat with your suppliers

Organize all your suppliers with dedicated chats in only one app and create internal chats with your coworkers.

Send orders with just one click

Choose the quantity to order for the products in your customized list and add new items in a matter of seconds.

Track all your past orders

Control all the orders you made, repeat past orders and solve instantly mistakes with orders.

5 minutes

The time you will spend

making all of your orders.

100% free

Katoo is free and

it will always be.

0 lost orders

All of your orders

will be tracked in the app.

Get started now!

We will add all of your suppliers and create your customized product list in less than 24 hours.

Download the App

Install Katoo on your phone through the App Store or the Google Play.

Insert your details

Verify your number, insert your business details and upload

the last invoices.

Start ordering!

We will create your customized product list so that you can place your first order within 24 hours.


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