How to find the best location for your restaurant

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Factors to consider when choosing your restaurant location.

Location, location, location.

This is the first decision you have to make when choosing a location for your own restaurant.

Finding the perfect spot is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. A well-chosen location is sure to bring you more customers and higher profits.

You have to be in the right place with competitive pricing if you want to succeed.

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#1 Make sure the pool is half full before diving in

It is important to do good market research before taking the plunge!

If you don’t consider different locations and opportunities, you risk making a bad decision.

To identify the best location for your restaurant, first of all it is important to understand which neighbourhoods are good and which ones are not. If you spot an area with few restaurants, it could mean fewer competitors and a greater pool of potential (and hungry) clients.

Then, try to understand the demographics of the neighbourhood and your potential clientele.

Understanding your customers well enough will allow you to design and adapt your restaurant based on your customers’ expectations.

#2 Make a good pro and con list for each restaurant location

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Carefully evaluate all aspects of the location before making your final choice.

Our eyes light up when we think about opening a restaurant in the city centre, but here are two factors to take into account: competitors and investment.

Central areas are more expensive and the number of restaurants is also higher.

Another thing to consider is the neighbourhood and what it offers. Also check that the restaurant you are going to open has something special; a specific type of food, decoration, outstanding customer service, etc. Check the pros and cons before choosing!

#3 Don’t forget accessibility!

There is no point in having a beautiful restaurant, with exquisite service if customers cannot access it easily.

Is there parking nearby?

Can you walk or take public transport?

Are there bus or metro stops nearby?

Check the location of the car parks and, although it might seem silly, having the restaurant well connected to public transport is a good way to encourage other customers to leave their car at home and be respectful of the environment.

#4 Who is passing by your future restaurant location?

Another key aspect is how busy that street or that area is.

The constant coming and going of people is a great opportunity for potential diners to walk past your restaurant and become mesmerised by the smell.

This can be a critical factor, especially if you’ve just opened in the neighbourhood and don’t have any Google reviews yet (meaning you are yet to make a name for yourself).

Extra tip: Choose a catchy name!

The name of a restaurant is its essence. A great name defines the identity of the place and the first impact it gives, so choose carefully.

Choose a name that is impactful but can be easily remembered. A name that leaves its mark is not easy to find but it is a great ace in the hole when you want to be known.

Finally, don’t forget to choose a name that is consistent with the location to encourage the creation of your brand and not one that is out of place.

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Now, tell us.

Are you a restaurant owner? Don’t miss our guide to planning your orders from suppliers.

What is important to you when choosing the location of your gastronomic business?

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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