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Improve the margins of your restaurant
Save time for your brigade
Reduce waste in your kitchen
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How does Katoo help restaurants?

Order from your suppliers in no time

The old way

Relying on memory, paper or complicated Excel files to place orders.

The Katoo way

"I save a lot of time comparing with when I was ordering via email. Now I go around the stock room and I search in the product list what I’m missing, so I don't forget anything. I add items throughout the day and click send in the evening when I'm ready."

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Keep track of all orders

The old way

Checking the email history to retrieve what you ordered, what was delivered and how much it costed.


“I can instantly check all my orders and the ones done by the kitchen staff. This way we avoid ordering the same stuff twice and we keep the food cost under control. Katoo helped us to monitor our expenses precisely and to reduce waste.

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Receive our personalized expenses report

The old way

Take business decision based on your instinct or build complicated Excel files to analyse your data.

The Katoo way

"I can switch from a restaurant to another in seconds, comparing and optimising prices and quantities of my orders. Thanks to Katoo my profits increased by 5%. It is the perfect tool for a chain like us."

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No bullshit nor fancy stuff.
We focus on helping you get the job done.


Restaurants using Katoo to place their orders - for free!

~5 hours

Average time per week saved ordering products


Drop in delivery inaccuracies by suppliers

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