A WebApp to manage products, orders and deliveries in the best way possible.

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How does Katoo help suppliers?

Order management

All your orders in the same place.

Simple overview of each order status. Easy to spot orders still open.

Tools to help you communicate and track order changes.

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Product catalogues

Create or import your product catalogue and select what to show to clients.

Receive clients’ orders based on your product catalogue, avoiding wrong orders and unnecessary communication.

Coming soon: publish a website with all your products so the whole market can know what you can offer.

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Client management

Maintain all your clients' historical data in a single place.

Understand each client’s purchase behaviour to optimise operations and increase sales.

Promote products to specific clients.

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Offer clients a simple and centralised way to communicate with you.

Chat with your clients within the context of their orders and deliveries.

Promote new products or promotions via chat.

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